Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Starting But Not Finishing

Hi all, I think I have now caught the dreaded "Uncompletion-itis" disease.

First symptom appeared about two weeks ago.

I finished the body of a facecloth I was knitting and decided that I wanted to do some lace edging for it.  So I dutifully researched the lace edging patterns on Ravelry and chose the Diamond Lace Edged one - so far so good.  I casted on and did 10 pattern repeats and now, I am b-o-r-e-d.... I really don't know why I do this (see previous blog), I'm really not good on lace edgings, I find them a bit of a chore. Here is the progress so far:

Then because I was flying to New York last week, I thought that besides the lace edging, I would need another plane the Jewelled Cowl was chosen. The night before my flight, I took out my beautiful swift and wound the Malabrigo Lace yarn from my stash and threaded approximately 750 beads onto the yarn. (The pattern calls for 728 beads but I decided to do more, as a "just in case" measure).

Oh My Days!!!! Can I just advise you to learn from my experience - never, I repeat NEVER, thread the beads on for this project - do as the pattern tells you and put each bead in place with a crochet hook. I spent most of the flight (there and back) detangling the yarn and beads and have been doing so ever since - Nightmare!!!!

Here is the progress so far, suffice it to say I'm not really enamoured with this project, so not feeling the need to finish anytime soon:

Anyway, whilst in New York, I happened upon a local yarn shop and bought the most delightful Cascade Ultra Pima cotton in luscious green.

Now because I don't want to work on my lace edging anymore, am not liking my Jewelled Cowl (which by the way, I was looking do forward to making) and let's not start on my Lace Leaf Wrap (which is surely in deep hibernation and snoring away by now) - I casted on the pattern for the Grey Loop cowl, except mine is going to be called Green Loopy Loop. Haven't got very far but here it is:

I'm on holiday at the moment and whilst I'm now enjoying the start of my Green Loopy Loop, I'm eyeing up some cashmere lace yarn in my stash and thinking....mmmm maybe I should cast on for a shawlette.

Oh please send for the knitting doctor...please, I really need to finish something!!!

There are more people who suffer with this disease, I'm not sure how bad they've got it though. So you may want to check out Tami's Amis blog, if you want to research further!!

- Cheerio


  1. No advice here - reading yours and clicking the links just makes me want to start more things. And I can't even imagine cashmere lasting more than a minute or two in my stash!

    1. Cashmere is coming out soon believe me!!!

  2. hello i think you should do stuff in purple .... and more in happy and you can use the wool i gave you for your B'day thats why i got it for you (if it is not obvuse my fav coulaur is ourole and the wool i got for you is purple

    From your diva daughter charis
    P.s i might be giving you commets more often you can call me the ninja or the chosen one

  3. hi NINJA here (the chosen one)
    i have given you another commet not for you mum but the people reading this .... the cowl shawly with beads thinge took ages i think she knitted more than she gave me HUGS sadly threw out her knitting one of her knittings has GONE MISSING as u know it a black shawl made out of lace wool (I have no idea what that is but then i am not a knitter)so this is a HELP WANTED prob from the chosen one (Ninja